1. Stay Hatin - Stay Hatin Podcast 73
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    Episode 73

    This week we’ve got a fairly drunk episode. Well more that Serg is drunk than Soft Money so there is some nonsense going on like forgetting the names of artists, levels had to be edited in post, twice as many mispronunciations, calling a Danzig song Momma, and who knows whatelse. Soft Money bless Serg with the knowledge of a hanging chad and if your not that deep in the hole punching paper game then you should get learned on that link. Soft Money also uses his coworkers lack of knowledge of the Whip Dance as some kind of bullshit fountain of youth to hang on to the dream of his adolescence. It looks more like a half ass version of the motorbike wristjob with all kinds of extra toppings for personal flavor. Somehow the two of them manage to play more raps than usual and because we’re back in the studio it’s all newer raps so yeah deal with it.

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    1. Quickie Mart - Popcorn ft. Fly Boi Keno
    2. DJ Quik - That Getter ft David Blake
    3. 100’s - 10 Freaky Hoes
    4. Chip - Keys ft Sonny Digital
    5. Key! & FKi - TMZ ft Saucelord Rich, ian conner & ILoveMakonnen [Prod. By FKi & ILoveMakonnen]
    6. HD - Contact Sports ft Keak Da Sneak & G-Dirty
    7. Rich The Kid & ILoveMakonnen - I Don’t Sell Molly No More Remix
    8. Ice Billionaire Berg - Zombie ft Chad, Sam Sneak & Lil Dred [Prod by Chad]
    9. Nacho Picasso - In The Trump [Prod by Harry Fraud]
    10. Rich Gang - Pull Up
    11. Migos - Fuck ‘Em
    12. Dubb 20 - Grand Finale ft Husalah, Street Knowledge, Joe Blow, Lil Monie, Dojia V & Bo Strangles
    13. KD - Living How Da Song Go ft H.A.M. [Prod by DJay Cas]
    14. Supa Villain - Pharoah in Disguise
    15. Hustle Gang - You Don’t Know Nothin About Me (Doe B, Trae Tha Truth, T.I.) [Prod. By K.E. On The Track]
    16. Billard - Pray For Me ft Ray Cash [Prod by Clockwork Muzik]
    17. June - These Hoes Ain’t ft ShowBanga



  2. Anonymous said: I love that Serg's dad has a ranch full of those old Toyota trucks. Did you ever scatch off part the "TOYOTA" lettering in the back so it just said "YO"?

    never, althought my dad does have a 85 4x4 with a 6 inch lift that some guy pin stripped “Too High” on and has a big Bad Boy Club sticker on the rear window. It was a mudswamper he got off a dude in like 1990 and I don’t think he’ll ever sell it.


  3. Anonymous said: Dan Lactose was an awesome guest. I had no knowledge of Spazz. Any recommendations?

    Sweating to the Oldies is a good place to start. really just jump on that google and you can find some links fairly easy. I’ve been trying to get Dan on the show for sometime now but scheduling is tuff, glad you enjoyed it.



  4. Anonymous said: So happy to have you guys back. You make my commute bearable. More sound effects!

    Thanks, yeah we’ve been slacking on the use of the SP since we’ve been recording at my apartment all summer. Sound effects will be back soon though with the studio opening back up later this month.


  5. downwithdarcy said: On E72, Dan Lactose says, "in the spirit of phone-calls-from-jail raps, this one is Rayda Ray Live from 850 Live." I'm sure you know the music well enough to make connections to the topics being discussed, but I've also heard Soft say he didn't get a chance to play stuff he brought. What degree of spontaneity is in the playlist? Do you intend to play everything, but get limited by conversation taking too long, or do you bring different looks & decide what to play based on the feel of the show?

    It’s pretty spontaneous with some slight structure if you can call it that, we all bring stuff we don’t get to play. In general if there is a guest we try to let them play everything they really want to play. We just go with the flow, like depending on what Soft plays I will decide what I want to play and vice versa but we will have discussions about something we really want to make sure to play. I have some songs that I’ve brought for multiple shows and never played. I think I generally bring the most songs, like for a single show I’ll have 15-20 tracks but only play a third of them sometimes, multiples from the same artists some times but can’t decided on which one I want to play the most but the convo or music on the show helps me choose one. Soft usually narrows his down a bit more than me to like 10-15 songs. It’s really a mix of the two that you mentioned, conversations will impact the length and depending on the feel of the show we’ll decide what to play.

    I don’t want to have it too structured because I do like the looseness of the show. It would probably help to have more of a plan but I worry that might make it stiff.



  6. Slizzard posted a mix 6 months ago, hopefully he returns to the internet dude got gems


  7. Anonymous said: You had one artist from chicago on your show before named Icky tha don? do he have any more music or new material comin out??? because that trouble joint was decent and keep up the good work

    Your guess is as good as mine. That song was from 2012 and the only activity from the guy has been his instragram account were he posts #TBT of his single covers from 2011. Actually he did post this song on his twitter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3F5BfyQZF3o He’s on that autotune vibe though so yeah it’s no Trouble.


  8. [Flash 9 is required to listen to audio.]

    Episode 72

    After a few weeks Stay Hatin is back again this time with guest DJ Eons aka Dan Lactose formerly of a lot of bands and creator of 7″s, you can still mine around on his Ripped Open by Metal Explosions blog for some west bay rap gems. Discussed on the podcast are important issues like Dan’s convo with his mom about the 700 Club’s in depth investigation into Dungeons and Dragons kids murdering other kids and how he wasn’t going to kill a kid, Serg has been out of the car game so long that he forgets the Toyota introduced the 2.4L Tacoma in 1995 #importanthip-hopfactz, is Your Old Droog really Noz living out his rap dreams, and finally the guys round out the family forward discussion with drunk driving talk. This episode is mostly tapes, heavy on the Eon’s selections with a few mp3’s from Soft Money sprinkled in there for terrible measure.

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    1. Success-N-Effect – Success-N-Tha House
    2. Success-N-Effect – Nuthin’ But Suc’cess (So Use It) Atlanta Style
    3. iLoveMakonnen ft. Drake – Club Goin Up On A Tuesday
    4. Black Mafia – Gotta Get Paid
    5. Wu-Tang – Wu-Tang Forever promo
    6. Goretex – demo
    7. Money Boss Players – Crap Game
    8. Your Old Droog ft. Prodigy – Hoodie Weather
    9. Tha Mexakinz – Cok Bak Da Hamma!
    10. Eric G. Boler A.K.A. E.B. – Loco Crew
    11. 51.50 – Games People Play
    12. Looni – Right Now
    13. Renard With No Regard ft. Ced What – Dick Is What You Want
    14. BFM – Why Ya “P” Ain’t Tight
    15. DJ Apollo – Practice Lookin’ Hard blend
    16. 11/5 – 44 Maggie
    17. Big Dame – P.R.E. vs. D.A.M.E.
    18. Chozen Few – Rayda Ray 850 Live
    19. Chozen Few – Livin’ Life
    20. Dorrough Music ft. Lil Boosie – Beat Up The Block
    21. Toddy Tee – I Need A Rolex

  9. Anonymous said: Hey, I really enjoyed 1/2 Uh G. Since I'm from continental Europe, the place where people only listen to saxophone boom bap, I would really appreciate other casio gangsta rap recommendations. Great podcast btw

    Well at least Europe is keeping the scene alive.


  10. Anonymous said: I commented earlier about the sound levels between songs. The past 2 edpisodes have been perfect, I could hear everything (even Soft Money trying to understand what Montgomery Ward was). Keep up the good work.

    word, good to hear, trying to keep a better eye on levels.


  11. Anonymous said: serg where'd you get your dope no god shirt?

    Flying Coffin


  12. Anonymous said: I have spent hours online searching for the mp3 of "Marc DeCoca feat. MacBoney, Don P, Rasheeda, Big Floaty, Fats, Backbone & Big Kuntry – J’s At My Door (remix)" and Marc DeCoca & 4 Ize's original version of Dope Boy Dime. Pleeeease help me find these for download!

    for the J’s at my door just go get Southern Smoke 20, it’s still on datpiff. As for Dope Boy Dime I just know the one with Killer Mike on it. Is there a version without them? I don’t remember.


  13. Anonymous said: The ending to Episode 70 was the best yet. It just cut off! Fuck a sign off.

    yeah we’re trying to be more direct and throw in the raps, or at least that’s what we say we’re trying to do.


  14. Anonymous said: About Epidose 70, how has Soft Money never heard the term "gaffled" until Matthew Africa told him? It's not just a bay thing, "One Time Gaffled Em Up" by CMW was a nationwide song. Come on, Soft Money.

    oh man you’re really upset about this, you asked twice. I’m not really surprised by the things Soft Money is not aware of anymore there have been enough that’s it’s like ok I guess not. I guess I realized it when discussing older raps or that whole underground scene of the late 90’s that he was probably too young to pay attention too. Not that this excuses his ignorance of shit most know but that’s some soft money ass shit that when it happens you just chalk it up to some soft money ass shit.



  15. Stay Hatin - Episode 71
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    Episode 71

    Another all cassette podcast for you to bump. This week the elaborate Stay Hatin mafia is joined by DJ B.Cause who came through with some bay area rap gems. Soft Money aka Mr. What’s Gafflin learns about Montgomery Ward. The closest one to Soft Money’s hometown that the internet could tell us about was in Kansas City but there had to be one in St Louis, they were everywhere. Everyone is confused by the cover to APG’s See The Light album but kind of in awe at the brilliant trainwreck that is the Criminal Elament cover. If anyone can tell us why there is a horse on the cover please let us know and you will get an amazing prize.

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    1. Def IV - Our Own Style
    2. Low Profile - Aladdin’s On A Rampage
    3. Raheem - Fifth Ward
    4. APG - Hittin Time
    5. Hypnotic (Kemetic Suns) - Alafia
    6. Kaos & Mystro - Slaves of Society
    7. Criminal Elament - Hit’em Where It Hurt
    8. D’Love - Cold Cash Money
    9. M.C. Breed & DFC - Ain’t No Future In Yo’ Frontin’
    10. Wu-Tang Clan - Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthing Ta F’ Wit
    11. 1/2 Uh G - Strapped
    12. Toine 800 and MC Irie - Straight To The Point
    13. Parts Unknown - Aud. 2 - Trade Mark
    14. Brothers 4 The Struggle - KracKKa Season
    15. 9 Lives Klick - Livin By The Trigga
    16. Young Mack-T - Anotha Friday