1. Anonymous said: Great podcast. I always listen to you guys through iTunes. What time are you on the air live?

    Sometimes Fridays from 7ish to 9 PST on ADP. The thing about it though is that we record every other week (we try to anyways) and we are usually late so it might be 7:30. We were suppose to record a show today but Soft Money had work shit so we’re going to record in my kitchen this Sunday. You’re best bet is to follow one of us on twitter. We usually announce it but yeah it’s kind of the luck of the draw as regular life fucks with our consistency.



  2. Anonymous said: Is Kevin Gates going to actually break through?

    It could happen, he sings enough and lets say Atlantic gets him to do some songs with their giant roster of boring mainstream artists. If you’re real lucky maybe you get a Kevin Gates and Bruno Mars song. Who knows though, Gates isn’t listed on the roster of atlantic artists on their website so maybe they don’t believe. Even though they got Alleyboy and Kap G on there.

    I didn’t expect thug to get where he’s at but if Gates catches a hit and it takes off who knows where that wave will end up.



  3. williemaze:

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    We’re still selling shirts, XL’s are running low but we got plenty of other sizes. Oh and if you need stickers we still got those too.


  4. Anonymous said: Thanks for having Z-Man on. I enjoyed his take on how being on a major label is like having a corporate job, and Serg being like "Yeah, that was pretty pop..." What's your favorite One Block Radius song?

    Dude I can’t name a single One Block Radius song. I remember watching a video but I wasn’t fucking with the music. Glad you liked having Z-man on though, we’d been trying to get him on for a minute now. Tours and shows kept getting in the way but it worked out finally. He’s got a unique place in rap and I thought it would be interesting to have him tell his story and get his thoughts on raps.



  5. Stay Hatin - Stay Hatin Podcast 65
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    Download Episode 65

    Oh man there is a lot of talking on this one so if you want more music sorry but not sorry, just listen. For this episode SF rap veteran, Z-man, came down and hung out with Soft Money and Serg to discuss proper sock game, what it’s like to go from underground rapper to major label pop act, and even breaks out his own Young Thug impression that is pretty on point.  For the latest in Z-man activities peep the following: website bandcamp twitter facebook He’s just dropped an album with White Mike of Bored Stiff so check that out too. Also please remember to watch our sponsor’s video below so that we can make sure too keep the big checks rolling in.

    All Day Play iTunes Mixcloud Tracklist:

    1. 5th Ward Webbie - Let Me Find Out
    2. Lil Mook - Connected Ft. Rich Homie Quan, Young Breed, Cap 1 & Haitian Fresh
    3. Peewee Longway - Know About Me Ft. Young Thug & YRN Migo Offset
    4. Z-man - You want It
    5. Z-man - Microphones Mine
    6. Z-Man - Hotel Room
    7. Sacred Hoop Feat. Dj Marz & Z-Man
    8. Doe B - Homicide ft T.I.
    9. UGK - Murder
    10. Doe B - Chickens in the Coupe
    11. Young Thug & Metro Boomin - Blanguage
    12. Z-Ro & Slim Thug - Coming Dyne
    13. Devin The Dude & Doughbeezy Lifted Remix (Prod. by TrakkSounds & Rapid Ric) ft Baby Bash, Killa Kyleon, J Stalin

  6. Anonymous said: Soft Money would be happy, I liked the YG album. But I had a problem with DJ Mustard's production. It was actually really good for the most part, but every other track had the "hey hey hey" background chant. The same thing he does with other songs like "VIP" and "Rack City." I guess people don't mind, but it's so goddamn annoying after a while. Am I alone with this?

    I haven’t spent enough time with the YG record, it’s on my phone but I’ve only heard it on shuffle. My other issue is that I’ve spent so much time listening to memphis stuff that I’m kind of oblivious to background chants in beats. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal, I guess if all the beats sound the same it could be but for me I don’t view hey chants as that different from high hats or a snare. It’s that integral to the construction of the beat. I doubt you’re alone but I’m probably not in that camp. Maybe I’ll listen to the record start to finish today.



  7. perfectionisperfected said: rubenslikk is astroslikk. if you haven't already, do yourself a favor and listen to his album 'king astro slikk the magnificent'. i tried to include a download link but tumblr won't let me put links in the question box, so you're gonna have to google it. stay hatin.

    yeah noz brought that Intergalactic Shaman on episode 63 but we didn’t get around to playing it. I’ve only heard a handful of tracks from dude. That Incredible joint was on the http://crackedatoms.com/ blog. Some of the stuff can get kind of goofy but dude has some interesting sounds too.


  8. Stay Hatin - Stay Hatin Podcast 64
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    Episode 64

    Stay Hatin is back. Soft Money shows up after missing the last few shows to discuss parenthetical song titles, YG, and as if waiting to talk about J Cole wasn’t bad enough he even brought a Drake song. We didn’t play it but just know that it was there. This is what happens when you don’t have enough Stay Hatin in your life, for the sake of keeping your mind correct you need to get some Stay Hatin at least twice a month. For your sake and Soft Money’s we bring you episode 64 because your sanity depends on it.

    All Day Play iTunes Mixcloud


    1. Waka Flocka Flame - Cook Jugg ft Young Scooter Prod by 808 Mafia
    2. B-Shot - Troops ft XVL, Manic & Jose Guapo
    3. Kevin Gates - Homicide
    4. YG - Bicken Back Being Bool
    5. YG - Really Be (Smokin N Drinkin)
    6. The Mekanix - Bay Area Perspective ft E-40, Keak Da Sneak, J Stalin, Turf Talk
    7. Bas - Golden Goals
    8. Rubenslikk - Incredible
    9. Metro Zu - Dip My Dick In Lean
    10. DJ Disciple - Go With The Flow ft Zavey (prod by The Prodeuser)
    11. Lil Herb - On My Soul ft Lil Reese
    12. Young Scooter - Disfunction ft Juicy J, Future & Young Thug [Prod. By Metro Boomin & TM88]
    13. Shy Glizzy - I’m On Fire Prod by Roger Beat
    14. Tyga - Hookah ft Young Thug
    15. Chief Keef - War



  9. Anonymous said: I know you guys discussed Schoolboy Q's frequent hitting on of female reporters, but what what did you think of his song from the last show? I thought it was nuts, best thing you played. Too bad his album wasn't that consistent.

    Oh it’s dope, that beat is kind of a nod to mid 2000’s southern rap with all the synth going on. The way the vocals are done makes it sound like he’s rapping with a bunch of hypemen mobbing around with him. I’m a big fan of Jay Rock as well so it’s nice that he’s on it too. But yeah I would agree there are some inconsistencies with the album, it’s got some cool stuff but there are also some that could have been tossed out.


  10. Anonymous said: Thanks for all the Lord Infamous and Three 6 tracks this past episode. I grew up on Rap-A-Lot and Bay Area stuff, but for some reason I never got around to the Memphis shit, it must have thought it was too weird at the time. I'm glad to rediscover this stuff later, I was missing out.

    that’s why the internet exists, with a few clicks you can discover anything you missed. If you’re real good you can pretend to be an expert too! it’s amazing!

    but for real for real, that’s cool man, it’s kind of the point just to show people some rap songs we like and that we think other people should like too.



  11. Anonymous said: Cool podcast, I wasn't familiar with the Kemetic Suns before. Karma seems cool. They have a big catalog, what do you recommend?

    Road Maps or Dirt Naps seems like a decent enough place to start. Konceptual Dominance too but that’s not really an overview of the whole crew or karma. They had a joint on that second Funky Precedent comp too. There is always a youtube wormhole too, you can start with this I guess:

    If you’re looking for stuff from that period and style I would suggest checking out http://www.thisisforthehustlers.com/



  12. Anonymous said: Haha, Macklamore as "Adultz Bop." So true. He seems like he means well, but it's just too corny most of the time. Do you have any friends with musical tastes you respect that like him? Or are you no longer friends?

    I don’t know if I do. I’m pretty sure that any of them who do don’t say anything about it to me for sure. I know I have some friends that like drake but for the most part those people have rave tendencies so it’s whatever, they like rave shit how serious can I take them anyways. I feel like if you’re fucking with macchickenmore then you’re tastes in life aren’t really going to fall in line with mine in general. If you know the words to that thriftstore rap I don’t think you’re spending much time digging around in the Indy livemixtapes dollarbins of rap.



  13. Stay Hatin - Stay Hatin Podcast 63
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    Episode 63

    Stay Hatin is back this week with more new raps and intense conversation about Andre3000 acting ability, Trae’s lack of pop hits, bop dance instruction, teaching old rappers how to use the internet, prison radios, and naked Moby photos. This episode features writer Tamara Palmer sharing her thoughts on the rap music as well as Noz filling in for Soft Money who couldn’t make it for whatever bullshit reason. It’s fine though, we run though a good amount of rap songs, play Lil Boosie freestyles and talk rap for an hour and a half. Serg rambles on about things as usual but that’s why there are guest.

    ADP iTunes Mixcloud



    1. Big K.R.I.T. - Wolf Of Wallstreet Prod by Big K.R.I.T. & Childish Major
    2. Trae Tha Truth - Reckless ft The Lox
    3. Mestizo - Turning Tables ft DoseOne prod by Mestizo
    4. Big Boi - Mother Of Dragons
    5. Que - Jungle Fever
    6. P Wild - Savage ft Young Moe & Oochie Prod by BasedKidd
    7. John Walt - Kemo Walk Prod by DJ Damnage
    8. Peewee Longway - Kno Bout Me ft Young Thug & Offset prod by Y.D.G.
    9. Finnesse Gang 101 - Money Do ft Gucci Mane Prod by Fat Boi
    10. Lil Boosie - Ride Home Freestyle Part 1 & Part 2
    11. Duley Marshy - Suede Couchess
    12. Schoolboy Q - Los Awesome ft Jay Rock
    13. C.W. Da Youngblood - Do He ft Bugatti Young
    14. Kap G - Working Like A Mexican ft Chingo Bling Prod by Squat Beats



  14. Stay Hatin - Stay Hatin Podcast 62
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    Download Episode 62

    It’s been a few weeks but Stay Hatin is back again. Soft Money was no where to be found this week but because it’s been a minute we decided to say screw it and push on. Frequent guest, Young God, decided to be cool and hang out with Serg to listen to some new rap songs and discuss in depth topics like codeine’s impact on rap, would Gunplay’s life could be easier if he had a cowboy hat, and Mackelmore is Adultz Bop. Oh I should say that the D.Bledsoe joint is a Mike Will Made It beat he did for Future that dropped last month but Serg couldn’t remember that at the time of blabbering on show. Also as mentioned on the show here is the link to the Bolo Nef record you should cop as well as that God tape. I could include more links but if you’re reading this then you probably know how the internet works good enough to find the joints you’re interested in on your own anyways.

    ADP iTunes Mixcloud


    1. Iceberg - Here We Go Prod by Sam Sneak
    2. Project Pat - Never Be A G ft Juicy J & Doe B
    3. TC Gambino - Mexicano
    4. Apollo Kidd - Hard Way ft Bloody Jay & Tarxan
    5. Nell - Bust Ya Head Open ft T-Rone, Big Bo, Denzel Curry Prod by SpaceGhostPurrp
    6. God - God vs Devil
    7. D.Bledsoe - Move That Dope freestyle
    8. Tree - Soultrappin
    9. The Worlds Freshest - On My Job ft Fiend & Juvenile
    10. Yung Thug - Hundreds (I Had A Dream) ft Meek Mill Prod by Metro Boomin
    11. Bolo Neef - Pocket Full of Secrets
    12. Lil Pooh - Run Up
    13. Alpoko Don - Set The Record Straight Feat Scarface Prod by Cory Mo
    14. Yung Mazi & Young Thug - City Ride

    dl the tracks


  15. Anonymous said: You guys know anything about A-G-2-A-KE? I found a 12' single from Rap-A-Lot with "Sellin' Dreams" and "Playa Dead" on it. Sounds kinda like Scarface + Mystikal. A quick google didn't show much. Not sure where else to turn.

    Face is on some songs but not in the group. 


    It was some late 90’s shit that rapalot was putting out with the Pen&Pixel style covers. I don’t remember the names of the actual members, it was a record I passed up but yeah I’d be curious to track it down. Random 1998 Rap-a-lot could be cool.