1. Anonymous asked: Got a link to the HD mix/compilation Serg talks about in the last episode? Thanks in advance.

    Linked it in the post but yeah here you go https://www.mediafire.com/?ablk33v1hm1vobk


  2. Stay Hatin - Stay Hatin Podcast 60
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    This is the last Stay Hatin of 2013 and it kicks off with half an hour of Lord Infamous and Three 6 Mafia jams so it’s a pretty good way to celebrate music instead of making lists of raps and all that bullshit. It’s just Serg and Soft Money talking about raps and all kinds of other useless info like is it Chunk or Chuck up the duece? Soft Money claims 6 minute rap songs are the jam bands of rap. What is the other band that did Whoomp/Whoot/whoop there it is? Do you like rap that does not change the culture? We seem too for some reason. Serg brings up country music blogging because that’s real interesting.  Also here is the link to the L-wood HD Fresh Out mix that Serg mentions is good but apparently he is never in the mood for.

    iTunes mixcloud


    1. Lord Infamous & Crucified - Smokin Blunts
    2. Kingpin Skinny Pimp Ft Gangsta Blac & Lord Infamous - Ya’ll Ain’t No Killaz
    3. Project Pat - Murderers & Robbers (Feat Lord Infamous & DJ Paul )
    4. Triple 6 Mafia - Grab Da Gauge [Underground 1994]
    5. Three 6 Mafia - Mystic Stylez
    6. Three 6 Mafia - Break Da Law
    8. East 35 - Mossberg
    9. Young Memph - Chunk Up Da Dueces
    10. E-40 - In Dat Cup (Feat. Z-Ro & Big K.R.I.T.)
    11. Young Jeezy - Benihana [Prod. By D. Rich] Feat. Rocko & 2 Chainz
    12. Master P - You a Genius
    13. Danny Brown & MNDSGN - SWEENEY SONG
    14. Retch - Graceful Jewlery Removal (prod. Thelonious Martin)
    15. Future - Shit - Mike WiLL Made It Ft. Pastor Troy, Jeezy, T.I. (ATL RMX)
    16. Doe B - Hood Memories



  3. Anonymous asked: Serg, you have some interesting coworkers. Are they all clueless about rap?

    mostly, one guy doesn’t know shit about anything and says outlandish shit all the time, he’s the jesus guy who listens to trance music when he goes to the gym. Another dude listens to hustle gang and My Hoes they do drugs a lot. One guy complains about the death of southern rap but hasn’t listened to any new southern stuff from the last 5 years. Another guy listens to the bone and 1995 west coast rap that he probably liked in high school. 

    Our IT dude has never seen livemixtapes but does ask me for gucci mane tapes. I work with another guy who would ask me to burn him a cd, or would ask “so what do you use to download music now?” When I replied google he told me he was still worried about limewire. One guy I work with has a funkhouse mix that is as shitty as that genre sounds. 

    I try not to discuss rap music with any of them but these motherfuckers bring it up and ask me dumb ass shit all the time. 



  4. Anonymous asked: What's good with that Matthew Africa "Best of DJ Quik" mix? I tried to download it from datpiff to no avail. Any way you can guys can up that jawn?

    here you go 

    Best Of DJ Quik



  5. Stay Hatin - Stay Hatin Podcast 59
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    Episode 59 Mayne! This is a very intimate episode with Soft Money, Serg and some new samples.  Soft Money tries to make his headphone joke again, Serg plays a kinda reggaey song, and Soft asks listeners to help him find a wedding dj. If you want to be the master of the mix hit up the ask I’m sure you’re totally qualified for it. We play some dumb songs but also some songs that teach you some life lessons about tightening up your shit and stop doing all that dumb shit. It’s a very self help seminar show.

    Buy some shirts or some stickers here

    iTunes mixcloud


    1. Young Nation - Dumb Shit
    2. Earl Swavey - Bust It
    3. Rich Homie Quan - 1000 Prod. by Tramatone
    4. Smiley Face - Tighten Up ft Dune
    5. Foxx - Retarded
    6. Saucelord Rich & Zuse - Rarri Whip Prod. By Pete Faustin
    7. YG & Kendrick Lamar - 2 Presidents
    8. Gunplay - Numbers On The Board
    9. Lil Silk - Know Money
    10. Peewee Longway - 100 Band ft Rich Homie Quan
    11. Zuse - Red Prod. By FKi
    12. Trae Tha Truth - Ghetto Life ft Dougie D & Da Brat Prod. By Honorable C Note
    13. Nacho Picasso - Crime Waves



  6. Anonymous asked: Do you follow A.Dd+ at all, any thoughts on the new album/tape?

    Yeah I like them, saw them live in austin a few years back and their set was dope. I played their song Genocide on episode 15. I didn’t even know they had anything new coming out. If you got a link send it. Quick google kept showing the old tapes from 2011. They got some jams, sometimes they get a little soft for my tastes but when they doing some rapping as rap that’s when I like them the most. Definitely a group worth checking though.



  7. Anonymous asked: where's this store at? i need some stickers ASAP.

    shhhhh I’m leaking this a little premature but yeah more coming real soon


  8. Anonymous asked: maybe there is a way to control the volume when I stream the podcast from the site... that would be dope. cause it's HELLA LOUD

    You’re computer or whatever you’re listening on should have a volume control, try that. Tumblr player is janky.



  9. Stay Hatin - Episode 58
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    Download Episode 58

    Stay Hatin is back! This week Young God of BSBD joins the guys in Serg’s kitchen  to discuss Lil B, rapping like a goat, catfish, finding foods in your beard, is this a Soft Money Jam, the future of trap music and many other exciting things. You should listen for Young God’s impressions of OJ Da Juiceman and Young Jeezy. We never did get an answer as to whether or not that Sicko Mobb was a Soft Money jam but now you the listener can decide on that one in the ask box. You should cop the latest BSBD record too, Glaciers.

    iTunes Mixcloud


    1. Da Mafia 6 - Body Parts (Feat. Kokoe, Point Blank, JGrxxn, Locodunit, Skinny Pimp, Gangsta Boo, Crunchy Black, La Chat, Lil Whyte, Lord Infamous, Koopsta Knicca, DJ Paul & More) [Prod. By DJ Paul]
    2. The Outfit, Tx - Mel - Munky Muzik
    3. Tokyo Crow - Im Fresh
    4. Ol Dirty Bastard - Go Go Go (Feat. Blah Of Blahzay Blahzay)
    5. Ol Dirty Bastard - Fire (Dirty Dirty Alt. Mix)
    6. Sicko Mobb - Maserati ft Lil Durk
    7. OJ Da Juiceman - Yeah Hoe Ft. Project Pat
    8. Mike Will Made It - Whippin A Brick Ft. Migos & Wiz Khalifa
    9. Fredo Santana - Jealous (feat. Kendrick Lamar)
    10. Jeezy - Foul Play
    11. Philthy Rich - Foreign Philthy [Prod. AK47] [Thizzler.com]
    12. Shady Blaze - Another Dimension 2.0 Featuring Noah23 (Prod by BLVCKHXVRT)
    13. Lil Nardy - Forever Trill [Prod. By Sly C]
    14. Shay Sanchez - Get 2 It (Feat. Kevin Gates & Willie Joe)

    the songs


  10. Anonymous asked: Serg, Could you post the latest episode to your Mixcloud? Every time i try listening via Stayhatin, i get an error, then , no playback.

    It’s up, that’s weird the playback locks up. I should probably change the template we use but yeah the shit is on Mixcloud now



  11. Anonymous asked: yo you need to play some sage francis dood

    Does he have something new? last thing I checked was his dvd and probably the Healthy Distrust record. I still try to pay attention to Strange Famous but I can’t/haven’t kept up with their stuff like I did ten years ago. Around the time they started messing with those weird euro rappers like Pip and that one dude Curtis Plum that’s when I really started checking their releases.



  12. Killer Mike does not want your real hiphop either


  13. omikse asked: For that one question's answer, Southern Hospitality did a mix of various Rick Rock jams. It includes the rare appearance of Rick rapping alongside Keak and Messy Marv, not to mention classics such as "You Can't Deny It", "Symphony In X Minor", and "Bring The Base Back".

    Yeah what this person and a few others after him said, totally forgot about Rob Pursey’s joint. Hit him on twitter and tell that dude to reup the shit.


  14. Anonymous asked: Yo that video of your last episode is dope! I never knew you guys were so professional. I don't mean it as a diss, I thought you guys were low budgest, but your studio is professional as fuck.

    yeah we might not sound professional but at least ALLDAYPLAY.FM/YOUTH RADIO are.


  15. mermaidsorcery asked: yo just found u guys through noz blog and then found out about matthew africa and then found out about a mix he did called: twee funk. i see it has the bound 2 sample and i know the whole mix is probably fire. his link went out and i was wondering if you guys happen to have that file? im tryin to manually piece it together myself but some of those joints just aren't on the internet. thanks in advance if u can help me, i asked noz too. btw podcast is dope, i been sleeping on young thug too long.

    I was about to tell you no but decided to check my old laptop and it was on there so BOOM. Thanks for listening too.

    Also for anyone else here is a link to his post about it on his blog



    Jackson 5: “2, 4, 6, 8”
    Promise: “I’m Not Ready for Love”
    The Voices of East Harlem: “Can You Feel It”
    Starborn: “Funky Piper”
    The Young Gents: “Big Things Come in Small Packages”
    Starborn: “Real Real Thing”
    The Nation Survivers (sic): “Get Down”
    The Posse: “Come Out and Play”
    Wee Three: “Get on Board”
    Jackson Sisters: “I Believe in Miracles”
    Family Plann: “Come On Let’s Do the Breakdown”
    Greer Bros.: “We Don’t Dig No Busing”
    Reginald Milton & the Soul Jets: “Clap Your Hands”
    The Eight Minutes: “I Can’t Get No Higher”
    The Voices of East Harlem: “So Rare”
    The Sylvers: “We Can Make It”
    The Sylvers: “I Don’t Need to Prove Myself”
    Foster Sylvers: “Misdemeanor”
    The Sylvers: “Don’t Give Up the Good Life”
    The Sylvers: “I Aim to Please”
    The Sylvers: “Stay Away from Me”
    The Sylvers: “Fool’s Paradise”
    The Sylvers: “I Know Myself”
    The Sylvers: “Only One Can Win”
    Foster Sylvers: “Big Things Come In Small Packages”
    The Eight Minutes: “Find the One Who Loves You”
    Ponderosa Twins Plus One: “Bound”
    Family Circle: “It Doesn’t Make Sense”