1. Anonymous said: No talk about Soft Money's wedding? Was the first dance to Chief Keef? What did Serg get as a present? Can you share his wedding Pinterest board? So many unanswered questions.

    I gave him a shrink wrapped bootleg Yeezus tape and Clams Casino was played during the ceremony. No pinterest action tho.



  2. Anonymous said: Yo, seriously, how the fuck do keep track of the differences between what's bop, jerk, ratchet, drill, juke, etc? Or hyphy, krunk, thizzle, or whatever for that matter? Is it just regional differences? Reminds me of the whole grind, powerviolence, thrash, speed metal, crust, bullshit in punk/HC/metal. I seriously can't tell anymore. Why does everything have to be sub-genre'd to death? Is there an article or some shit that you can point me to that breaks all this shit down? Address on next show?

    Yeah I think the biggest thing is that it’s regional sounds and less about the genre tags metal gets. It’s like dances, it’s an organic thing that comes out of some group of kids doing what they do. It’s actually probably one of my favorite things about rap, that a group of kids in some shitty high school can create their own scene, sound, and style and it might just take off and impact the rap world. Many times they don’t or the kids that did it don’t get credit but sometimes we win.

    Next show is gonna be another tape episode so it might come up.



  3. Anonymous said: I always listen to the podcast, but I have a suggestion. You need to lower the background music levels sometimes. On episode 69, during the segment where you were telling the Monica story, I could barely hear either of you at times, the vocals were low and the music was loud. But other than that, keep up the good work.

    Word yeah on that last one the vocals were lower than usual, thought I had the instrumentals lower but yeah I probably should have listened to it before posting it. Thanks for letting us know though, I’ll try to get a better handle on it next time.



  4. Stay Hatin - Stay Hatin Podcast 69
    [Flash 9 is required to listen to audio.]

    Episode 69

    Stay Hatin is back with a pocket full of raps for your ass. Soft Money and Serg get together in Serg’s kitchen once again to listen to rap songs, discuss lizard people, reality, being martyrs for rap fans because it’s a struggling digging through all the crap sometimes, strategies for appropriately placing asterisks in the word N***A on a Monica CD, and other critical topics affecting the youth of today. Above the video for the Shmoney Dance that Serg hasn’t seen and here is the link to the Sean Price Seanwuar video that you should watch because it’s fucking hilarious. Serg still didn’t get it right, in the video Monch is given mail to remind him that he was called the Human Mailbox because he beatboxed early on when he was much fatter.

    iTunes ADP Mixcloud Mixcrate


    1. A Wax - No Limit
    2. A Wax - Jetsons
    3. King Louie - Day [Prod. By Bobby Johnson]
    4. Bobby Shmurda - HOTT NIGGA
    5. Husalah - OMG ft Parnell & D-Lo
    6. Beatking - Clubgodzilla [Prod. By BeatKing]
    7. 7evenThirty - Hook Heavy (feat. Sean Price)
    8. Slim 400 ft Tee Flii - Kno where the party @
    9. AD - Without It f. Problem & Bad Lucc
    10. Problem - Get Naked (Prod by Yung JR)
    11. City Shawn - Bitches ft. D-Lo & Show Banga
    12. Lil Wayne - D’usse
    13. B.O.B. - Lambo (Feat. Kevin Gates & Jake Lambo) [Prod. By Ju Boy]
    14. Young Thug, ASAP Ferg & Freddie Gibbs - Old English (Prod. by Salva & Nick Hook)
    15. Future - Rock Star (By RogerCuriel) Ft Nicki Minaj
    16. Mouse On Tha Track & C-Loc - All The Way The Sickest [Prod. By Big B On The Track]
    17. Scotty ATL - Pray Alone (Feat. Killer Mike & Trouble)



  5. Anonymous said: The title of that Martorialist tape is a reference to the California Dreams theme song. I'm sure I don't have to remind you of this, but California Dreams was the best Saved by the Bell clone from the early 90s. The first line of the theme is, "Surf dudes with attitude (kinda groovy), laid back mood." Peep the video here: Youtube[dotcom]/watch?v=_vrumo9Eddg

    best is a stretch, I remember watching it but yeah that shit was terrible. Not like save by the bell was known for it’s stellar writing either but yeah this is way worse than I remember it being. But yeah now the title makes a lot more sense, totally forgot about that show. Black dude was the original black guy from the power rangers role.



  6. Stay Hatin - Stay Hatin Podcast 68
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    Download Episode 68

    Stay Hatin is BACK! It’s been a while but we’re back with a new episode filled with plenty of raps, old and new. Serg starts things off with a block of STL Rap, Soft Money pairs it up with a set of ratchet jams. With so much rap it’s a little light on the convo but you don’t need long rants about sex tapes, tattoo archaeology, forgotten rap facts, who is the original riff raff? or why is Serg listening to chicago bop music. Anyways as usual the track list is below along with all the links. Download that shit, review it in iTunes, whatever just play some rap music man.

    iTunes ADP Mixcloud


    1. Chop Shop Cartel - GO HARD
    2. Da Bangaz - RUN UP
    3. Sylk Smoov - BITCH WIT A GOOD RAP ft AMG
    4. Da Hol’ 9 - Let Me Holla AtU
    5. Bobby Brackins - Big Body (Feat. Clyde Carson & Ty Dolla $ign) [Prod. By Nic Nac]
    6. Disko Boogie - All My Goon is On feat. Slim 400 & Killa Twan
    7. Ben J (New Boyz) - Save It For The Birds 
    8. RJ (Pushaz Ink) - Shoulda Coulda Feat. KayEss (prod By Dj Mustard)
    9. B.Smeezee - I’m A Check Feat. Ferrari Smash [Prod. By Tarentino of 808 Mafia]
    10. Lil Chris - Money Gone Be Here
    11. Cousin Fik - Think Fast (Feat. NHT Chippass)
    12. Chingo Bling - Pesos ft Dat Boi T & Kap G
    13. Snootie Wild - Yayo ft Yo Gotti
    14. T.I. - About The Money Ft. Young Thug
    15. Young Thug - Baby Ft. Trae Tha Truth
    16. Riff Raff - How To Be The Man (Houston Remix) ft. Slim Thug, Paul Wall
    17. Lil Boosie - She Want Some
    18. Project Pat - What You Said Ft. Young Scooter
    19. BODY COUNT - Talk Shit Get Shot



  7. Anonymous said: What's the official Stay Hatin' word on Stitches? "Brick in yo Face" dude's got an AK-47 tat on his face--that's commitment.

    Jury is still out, that video is so ridiculously over the top that we still haven’t checked out his mixtape. It was like some WWF promo shit. Yeah dude seems crazy enough but I want to hear more of his music before making a judgement call. I guess I should just download dude’s tape but like the WWF it’s hard to seriously pay attention to the dudes or dude doing it.


  8. Anonymous said: do you guys like Action Bronson? i feel like you should, but based on the fact that you don't play his stuff, i'm guessing that you don't. is that accurate?

    We’ve played his stuff before but we don’t play it often. It’s not that he’s bad but a lot of times I find myself feeling like I’d rather just put on a ghostface record. The stuff he did with Party Supplies was cool, kind of goofy but fun. I don’t know about Soft Money but for me his songs aren’t that heavy in my rotation. He can rap but so can a lot of others so he kind of gets lost in that whole east coast scene of stuff. I still pay attention because I feel like that’s what you’re suppose to do but also because who knows he could drop some amazing shit at anytime but chances are Ghost will have a better song anyways.



  9. Anonymous said: Great tape episode. It wasn't as disorganized as you guys thought it was. Anytime I get to hear some Cougnut it's a good day. He was a beast.

    Word thanks, I really liked doing it and want to do more for sure. I like the idea of tape based episodes to change it up all the livemixtape digging



  10. Anonymous said: Why do people not like Alley Boy?

    He gets monotonous after a while. While I appreciate ridiculing fuckboys hearing him do the same song over and over gets tired. He can rap but he doesn’t always make the most exciting songs all the time. It got to the point he started losing his way and he was getting muddled in that whole street level trap rapper scene of dudes like Trouble, frenchie, whodakid, haitian fresh, ect. 



  11. Stay Hatin - Stay Hatin Podcast 67
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    Download Episode 67

    This is the analog episode, we got to bullshitting and had the idea to record an all tape episode. Noz was with it so we had him as a guest on the show. Unfortunately it was his suggestion that we actually play the tapes. Serg had the bright idea to record the episode at All Day Play which meant that it would air live as well. We had a stack of about 35 tapes, 6 walkmans, and bunch of cables. About an hour into the show one of the cables hit the keyboard and stopped the recording just as there was a discussion about Yeezus, the Illuminati is watching. Anyways Serg was able to salvage most of the show, there are some fucked up levels of stuff but that’s to be expected, we tried to even things out as best we could but that’s the difficulty with using cheap ass walkman’s and old tapes. It was a pretty fun thing to record and will definitely happen again but under better circumstances, like never do that shit live for the first time that’s for sure. Oh here is the link to the Mobo Click article Soft Money mentioned. Also because this is a tape episode the songs won’t be for download since we don’t have them all ripped. You’ll just have to find the tapes yourself or go make some youtube rips.

    AllDayPlay iTunes Mixcloud


    1. A.P.G. - Action Packed Gangsters
    2. Bottom Posse”-Angola bound
    3. Ricky B - (B For Bounce) shake it fay a hood
    4. Slim G - Four Decue’s and Tyey’s
    5. Rappin’ 4-Tay - 4-Tay is Back
    6. B L A C K I E - Revolutionary Party Pt. 1 (0 Time 4 Fear)
    7. Big Melo - Strapped Assanin
    8. Ruthless Juveniles - Gangsta Tale
    9. Digital Underground - GutFest 89
    10. Back Yard - The Backrow Remix
    11. Guce - Bonus Track ft. Dre Dog & Cougnut
    12. I.M.P - Scanlous
    13. The C.O.D - Straight Servin’ ft. B-Boy Mac “C” Hugh E. M.C., I.J.P & Cougnut
    14. 8 Ball - Got to Be Real
    15. Totally Insane - Here we go again (remix)

  12. Anonymous said: Serg, I like your "no friends" philosophy. They were getting in the way for me, now I have none. It's nice. I'm so much less annoyed, especially around the holidays.

    Why are you still celebrating holidays? Those are just days off for doing whatever you want. 



  13. Anonymous said: Whats the word on some good new mixtapes from Texas? Definitely loved that Slim Thug/Paul Wall track when i heard it but didnt see it attached to any new tapes. Granted search options in datpiff etc are garbage

    That one was a loosie but I think Slim has been dropping some tracks with the #thugthursday hashtag so you could follow him. But you’re best bet is to check some Texas sites. Trakksounds and Rapid Ric dropped Intervention 2. http://www.thafixx.com/ or http://drankepidemic.com/ may be some spots to check. Those are two off the top of my head but yeah for Texas tapes you’re better off checking spots like that because they don’t always get in to the usual line ups of DGB/TrapsNTrunks/ATLcentric type spots so you might miss it if you’re just checking mixtape front page listings.


  14. Stay Hatin - Stay Hatin Podcast 66
    [Flash 9 is required to listen to audio.]

    Download Episode 66

    Stay Hatin is back! Cooking in the kitchen this week so we played a bunch of new raps and had in depth discussion about things Stay Hatin is not qualified to discuss at all like dubstep, mixtape site app usage dollars, burial vs skrillex, Soft Money shares his first experience with rave trap, Serg compares Future to Michael Bolton, everyone is confused as to what “Kno Undoe” means, Soft Money provides play by play of the Outkast performace at Coachella for those without internets. I think we were suppose to post a video on the site but I can’t remember what it is and didn’t hear it when editing the show so fuck it. WEED COME FROM MEXICO

    ADP iTunes Mixcloud


    1. PoloKnoHow - Kno Undoe
    2. Runway Richy - Keep Gettin It
    3. Slim Thug & Z-ro POKINOUT ft Paul Wall
    4. Tum Tum Ft. Killa Kyleon & Gudda Gudda - Double Cup Crew
    5. Bun B, Pimp C, Lil Boosie & Big K.R.I.T. - Cake
    6. Kolley - Real Love [Prod. By Big K.R.I.T.]
    7. Future - I Be U
    8. Trouble - Fuck Em
    9. Young Thug - Eww [Prod. Southside of 808 Mafia ]
    10. Jose Guapo - Hustler [Prod. By DJ Plugg]
    11. Lil Boosie - Pray For Me - Ft. Webbie & Foxx
    12. Kickstand - 30 Pints ft. Peewee Longway
    13. Jon Geezy - Keep It 100 (Feat. Project Pat)
    14. Alley Boy - Intro
    15. DaVinci & Sweet Valley - I Got That Line



  15. Anonymous said: Great podcast. I always listen to you guys through iTunes. What time are you on the air live?

    Sometimes Fridays from 7ish to 9 PST on ADP. The thing about it though is that we record every other week (we try to anyways) and we are usually late so it might be 7:30. We were suppose to record a show today but Soft Money had work shit so we’re going to record in my kitchen this Sunday. You’re best bet is to follow one of us on twitter. We usually announce it but yeah it’s kind of the luck of the draw as regular life fucks with our consistency.