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    Episode 10 


    (it was SergDun’s birthday too)

    It’s a very special edition of Stay Hatin as we welcome Willy Staley (Nation of Thizzlam) in a cross-pollination of podcasting with Champale, and the Rap Blogfather, Noz, makes an unexpected cameo.

    We discuss which member of The Pack lost the hardest, get to the bottom of Turf Talk’s Star Wars-themed mixtape, pitch a book of rapper-themed cocktails, and Willy gives us a list of all the various projects we’re still owed by E-40 and Cam’ron.

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    Oh yeah, there’s also rap music (and a great story from Serg that we resurrected from the cutting room floor):

    1. Yung Lott – Blake Griffin feat. Dorrough
    2. Team Knock feat. Uno – Ancient Ass Hoe
    3. JMeast – I’m Drunk feat. D-Lo
    4. Turf Talk – Money feat. Beeda Weeda & Ya Boy
    5. Soulja Slim – If It’s Beef RMX
    6. Cornerboy P – La La Pt. 2 feat. Smoke DZA, Fiend & Killa Kyleon
    7. Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire – Fire Marshall Bill
    8. Future – Ball Forever
    9. Rocko – Lingo feat. Cam’Ron & E-40
    10. Supa Villain – Hater Curse feat. Rich Boy
    11. DJ Toure – She Like It feat. B-Legit & D-Lo
    12. G-Side – I’m Sorry (Jake One RMX)
    13. Team Knoc – All On Her feat. NhT Boyz
    14. LoveRance – Up! feat. Iamsu & Skipper
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    The cake was delicious! I had a blast doing this, and crashing Serg’s birthday party.
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    Yeah last saturday was my birthday so I figured we would bang out a podcast before I did anything. Problem was that...
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