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    (When you read this post think of Waylon Jennings voice as he narrates the Dukes of Hazzard.  In place of Serg and Soft Money’s names, read “Bo and Luke Duke”; in place of Matthew, read “Uncle Jesse”.)

    This week we had so much hate that the show ran almost 2 hours.  Serg and Soft Money talk about the shittiness of Phoenix, Arizona and rap blogs (oh the irony), Serg reveals the secret to making rap jams about sex and, after Serg and Soft Money call it “really bad” and “hee haw party music”, Matthew attempts to convince the boys that reggae doesn’t suck.  (He fails.)

    Oh also, Soft Money expresses his love for Adam Sandler and sings a little Boyz II Men.  Oh also also, we play some new raps.

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    These are the songs we played:

    1. Killa Kyleon & Mouse On Tha Track – Dick Look
    2. Lil Durk – #RockOut
    3. Playboy Tre – Shot of Rum feat. P. Dukes, Bobby Creekwater, Jarren Benton, Homebwoi & Bohagon
    4. Future – I’m Trippin’ feat. Juicy J
    5. Drumma Boy – Smokin On That Loud feat. 8Ball & MJG
    6. Mac Mall – My Room
    7. Death Grips – I’ve Seen Footage
    8. Chief Keef – Cuz My Gear feat. RiFF RaFF
    9. Drama Tha King – Do Yourself a Favor
    10. Big Youth – Screaming Target
    11. Ding Dong – Badman Forward Badman Pull Up
    12. Flip Flip – Ridin With Them Blamies feat. Lil Mo
    13. Fiend – Champagne feat. Curren$y
    14. Shady Nate – Actavis Nights
    15. DJ Paul – G’d Up
    16. Kool A.D. – Damien Hirst feat. MondreM.A.N. & Dope G
    17. City of Thieves – Intro
    18. Husalah – Still 88 Fresh feat. Young Lox & Mitchy Slick
    19. Roach Gigz – Let a Player Live
    20. DecadeZ – The Word feat. Work Dirty, Tray Geez & Young Curt
    21. Big Chief – Precious

    The songs are available in a .zip folder here.

    Here is stuff we talked about:

    Noz’s piece on Killa Kyleon and Coppertone Conspiracy.

    Drumma Boy’s most recent All Star Playlist tape is available here.  Previous ones are here.

    Soft Money correctly remembered that Cookin’ Soul is from Spain.  Their bio is here.  The track they did for Nipsey Hussle that Matthew particularly likes is this one:

    FWIW, when When Matthew thinks of reggae, he thinks of stuff like this:

    Matthew thinks that when Serg and Soft Money think of reggae, they think of stuff like this:

    or worse, this:

    or some other hee haw bullshit.  To each his own.

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