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    This week the Stay Hatin’ rap mafia is joined by the funniest rapper who never recorded for Rap-A-Lot, the semi-famous producer, DJ, author, blogger and ign’ant rap connoisseur J-Zone.  J-Zone and the crew discuss which social media platform is best for pimpin’, which trend was worse, rap-rock or hip-house, and speculate about why there are no more rap duos, angry rappers or intentionally funny rappers.  Also, they play some new and old raps.

    Download this episode.

    Here are the songs played in this episode:

    1.    Traxamillion – Face Neck feat. Husalah
    2.    Roach Gigz – Going Off
    3.    Kool Keith – Goodbye Rap
    4.    J-Green – B.G.S.D. feat. Lil Loco
    5.    2.7.5. – B.R.K.
    6.    T.M.F.C. – How Bout Some Dick
    7.    UNLV – What Ya Like
    8.    Hostyle – Partners in Crime
    9.    Big Sant – 2 Much
    10.  Webbie – Rubber Tonight
    11.  Project Pat & Nasty Mane – Fuck Yo Feelings 
    12.  8ball – Lucky’s Theme Song
    13.  Tree – Stomp feat. SL Jones
    14.  Icky tha Don – Trouble
    15.  Philthy Rich – My Mex Bitch
    16.  Too Much Trouble – Fugitives On the Run
    17.  The Convicts - Woop Her Ass 
    18.  Jason Kidd – What the Kidd Didd feat. Money B.

    Here is a .zip containing the songs played in this episode.

    Here are links to some things mentioned in this episode:

    J-Zone’s website, govillaingo.com, where you can cop his excellent memoir, Root for the Villain: Rap, Bullshit and a Celebration of Failure and sample his awesome Gator$-N-Fur$ mixes.  The latest G-N-F mixshow, a collection of unsafe sex raps and ludicrous conversations between J-Zone and Chief Chinchilla, is here.

    J-Zone’s blog for egotripland, where he’s equally at home compiling lists of ign’ant raps, speculating what the NWA break-up might have looked like if it occurred on twitter and suggesting songs for Rick Ross to cover.  (S/O to egotrip’s Chairman Mao, who put us in touch with J-Zone for this episode.)  

    The piece where a 20 year-old NPR intern attempts to listen to Public Enemy’s It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back and concludes that he’d rather listen to Drake is here.

    An outstanding overview of Cash Money’s output in the years before Juvenile, B.G. and Lil Wayne became national rap stars.

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