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    Well this is probably the least professional sounding episode to date because we really need Matthew’s guidance but we have to press on. This is our tribute show to our friend and co-host Matthew Africa. We decided to invite some friends of Matthew’s down to share some memories and music. Considering this is Stay Hatin we couldn’t just have a sob session so this episode is plenty of angry obnoxious raps, some new rap, some old rap but mostly a lot of talking and laughs. Oh and I just realized when compiling the tracklist, this episode ended up going pretty heavy on the Waka Flocka, sorry Matthew but that’s what happens when you leave me in control.

    This episode actually aired live on All Day Play Friday night, which is where we record most of our shows if you don’t know. Since this was a live show I am just posting it as is so we’re not talking over instrumentals which was something Matthew would always add later so we didn’t just come off like a room full of goons yelling at each other.

    As I’ve posted before Soft Money andme will be continuing with the show and try keep things interesting. There might be some changes in how we do things but we’ll do our best. Matthew did make it easy for us so there are some challenges but I think if we just try remember to do things the way Matthew did then we’ll be fine.

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    Somethings we mentioned in this episode:

    As Willie mentioned on the show Matthew’s first Thursday party at The Layover in Oakland will continue on so go and hear some great music. October 5th is the next one.

    Gunplay at Six Flags because it’s Gunplay at Six Flags.

    1. Da Bangaz - Ain’t No Bitch In Me
    2. Project Pat & Lil Jon - What Cha Starin’ At? 
    3. Waka Flocka Flame - Money Pile ft Yo Gotti & D-Bo prod. by Terry On Da Beat
    4. Fya Stata - Send It Up
    5. Willie Dee - Bald Headed Hoes
    6. Calvin T & Magic Mike -$ Maker
    7. MC Tree - Dam Near remix ft Mikkey Halsted prod. by Tony Baines
    8. 100s - My Activator
    9. Gunplay - Guillitine Swords Freestyle
    10. Waka Flocka Flame - I Got Em ft Trae Da Truth
    11. Waka Flocka Flame - 24 Hours ft S.O.N.Y prod. by Envy
    12. Juicy J - A Zip And A Double Cup prod. by Lex Luger
    13. R Kelly - Real Talk
    14. UGK - One Day

    Download a zip of songs we played

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